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E187 HSF as Firstbus 31632

E187 HSF, Firstbus 31632 leaving Dalkieth for the last time on Monday 25th February 2008 for her new life in preservation! Lets hope the advert is wrong and its not "Here Today Goo Tomorrow"

Eastern Scottish Omnibuses Ltd.

E187 HSF was completed on Sunday 29th March 2009 and took to the road once again! No longer First group 31632 she is now once more Eastern Scottish VV 187 G. Some photos taken during our short test run on the Sunday afternoon.

The E187 HSF Story ...

Volvo Citybus E187 HSF was bought by myself, Kenny Barclay on the 22nd February 2008 for preservation from First Edinburgh. 31632 as she was known in her Firstbus days, started her new life in preservation shortly after 2pm on Monday 25th February 2008 after I collected her from Dalkeith Depot.

E187 HSF better known as VV187, 1187 and in First group days 31632, was the only member of the last ever batch of vehicles delivered to Eastern Scottish Omnibuses Ltd still in service. The other members of this batch of four vehicles had either gone for scrap or had been withdrawn with major mechanical problems. E187 HSF was still in front line service almost till the day I collected her! I am thrilled to know I have preserved possibly the last ever Ex Eastern Scottish vehicle on the road, a company dating back to 1905.

Although E187 HSF was delivered to Eastern Scottish in the livery shown in the picture below with dark green lower panels, I decided to restore her to the more common Eastern Scottish green and cream coach livery with green flashes that she carried after 1994 with cream lower panels. The three month restoration started in December 2008 and consisted of bodywork repairs, major re-panel and repaint.

She was completed during March 2009 and in May 2009 was accepted to become part of the S.V.B.M (Scottish Vintage Bus Museum) collection at Lathalmond, near Dunfermline in Fife.

If you have any information or photographs of this vehicle, my Orkney Coaches Bedford B509 YAT or either of my two Clydeside Scottish vehicles GCS 50V & HSD 73V, I would be delighted to hear from you.


Chassis - Volvo B10M-50 (Citybus)        Number - 14982

Body - Alexander RV                            Number - 25/2386/1

Seats - CH45/35F                               Date Delivered - 14 August 1987


  • 08/1987  Delivered new to Eastern Scottish Omnibuses Ltd as ZVV187 in Green and Cream coach livery allocated to Dalkeith Depot.
  • 03/1994 She now carries S.M.T livery with cream lower panels still allocated to Dalkeith Depot as VV187.
  • 11/1994 Transferred to Livingston Depot for Diamond service D25 - D29.
  • 01/1995 Moved back to Dalkeith Depot after Bathgate Depot closure with Bathgate's allocation of vehicles moving to Livingston.
  • 01/1996 Renumbered 187. And later that year Renumbered 1187.
  • 04/1996 Eastern S.M.T becomes part of First Group.
  • 02/1997 Becomes Lowland 2187. Moved to North Berwick Depot.
  • 12/1998 Moved to Unallocated status. Repainted into Early First Edinburgh Livery.
  • 02/2000 By February 2000 she has been renumbered 1187. Allocated back to Dalkeith Depot.
  • 05/2004 1187 is now in First Group "Barbie 2" livery and yes, still at Dalkeith Depot!
  • 02/2008 Purchased for preservation by K Barclay.
  • 12/2008 Restoration started including major bodywork, re-panel and paint.
  • 03/2009 Transformation back to Eastern Scottish VV187 complete!
  • 05/2009 VV187 Accepted to join the S.V.B.M collection at Lathalmond.

Finally I would like to thank Steve Myers, Fleet Engineer at First Edinburgh and staff at Dalkeith depot for the help and assistance with the purchase and restoration of this vehicle.  

VV187 as she was delivered to Eastern Scottish


Photo copyright S Hodgson. Date Taken 1991.

 Although VV187 Was Delivered In The Livery Shown Above, This Was Quickly Changed To The Livery Below Which In My Opinion Is A far More Eye Catching Livery and is the livery I choose to restore her in.

Photo copyright Mark Hampson. Date Unknown.

Almost ! All My Vehicles Together HSD 73V, GCS 50V & E187 HSF

HSD 73V, GCS 50V & E187 HSF. Photo of almost all my vehicles together at S.V.B.M Lathalmond open day 15th August 2009.

And the missing one. Ex Orkney Coaches B509 YAT. Bedford YNT Plaxton Paramount 3200 MKII. Photo taken at Lathalmond S.V.B.M April 29th 2011, this was the day B509 YAT returned home after a 3 month restoration at G.V.V.T.

Eastern Scottish VV187 & LL177

E187 HSF and her Leyland Lion sister C177 VSF side by side at Lathalmond May 2009.

I am are sorry that due to the web hosting service we use, I am are unable to reply directly to any of the comments left in the guestbook. If you would like to get in touch please email myself Kenny at mail@kdbarclay.com or Tel 01463 740879 / 07896 650879

I am now the proud owner of 4 vehicles. B509 YAT an Ex Orkney Coaches Bedford YNT, Plaxton Paramount 3200 MKII joined E187 HSF at Lathalmond and he also owns two former Clydeside Scottish vehicles, Leyland Leopard GCS 50V and Leyland Fleetline HSD 73V. Details of the restoration of the Clydeside Scottish vehicles can be found at my other web page www.clydeside-scottish.co.uk

Take care and Best wishes


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